TSFellowship (Training) Team

Martin Colclough (Training Director) - Martin has over 20 years.'

experience working as a medium, he has a vast range of skills from Spirit Art, Trance Mediumship, Platform Presentation and Philosophy. He is an experienced trainer; he works in Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy. He trains people in all forms of mediumship

and the public speaking used in a Spiritual environment. As well as being the Training Director, he is an assessor, a qualified Trainer,

and the Internal Quality Assurance Manager.

He also has a great deal of experience with the planning and structuring of training courses. Clear thinking and planning for the future are just two of Martin's skills that he brings to our team.


Stephanie Colclough (Head of Support) - Stephanie has over 10 years experience of mediumship and public speaking. She is a qualified trainer and assessor, she trains people in platform mediumship, one to one private consultations and the public speaking used in a Spiritual environment. She is dedicated to getting the best out of her students.